Image by Chris Montgomery

Meet the Board


Megan Wilk – Spring Forth Gardens and Bakery


I am a stay-at-home mother of two wonderful daughters, and I run a small garden center, focusing on growing edible landscaping.  I also make a variety of baked goods for sale at Ashland Roots, striving to use all non-GMO and organic ingredients in my products, whenever possible.


Rafael J. Serrano - non-vendor member


I am Rafael J. Serrano, single father. I work in telecommunications.  After the youngest of my three children graduated, I started volunteering at Ashland Roots, teaching art classes and helping with signage and marketing.  I am a firm believer that local economies will always benefit from the growth of small, locally owned businesses, which need community support and the individual involvement of community members.  As such, I am happy to give my time to serving Ashland Roots.   I am pleased to be able to serve as a member of the  Board.


Jenny Dilgard Stratton - It's a Wrap


Jenny Dilgard Stratton was a resident of Ashland for over half of her life.  She moved away due to a career but visits Ashland several times a month. While living in Ashland she owned Casual Fabrics from 1978-1983.  After leaving the retail store she went to work for one of the largest home sewing distributors with 20 years as a sales rep calling on independent retail fabric, quilting and knitting shops in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia.  She was promoted to National Sales Manager and traveled the US, & Canada with the reps under her visiting shops.  She eventually started traveling to Europe and calling on key accounts there. She held that position for over 12 years.

Her interests include knitting, sewing, reading, and traveling.  She and her husband live on 15 acres in Utica with their 3 dogs.  She is passionate about living a more waste free life and avoiding single use plastic.  Her small business It's a Wrap makes items from upcycled items as well as items to help others achieve the same goal.  She is not only a producer but also a volunteer at Ashland Roots.  She is a big proponent of small business and shopping local.  Ashland Roots combines both of those items.

Nic Serrano - non-vendor member

L. Brown - Milkweed Metals

I am a local metal artist and gardener who uses natural and no-till methods to grow vegetables,
perennials, and too many dahlias.
My interests and commitments include social and environmental justice, food security, and education,
all of which I see as consistent with Ashland Roots’s mission. I have been a member of several
producer/consumer co-ops in the past and have enjoyed seeing them grow and adapt to changing
demographics and new needs within their communities. As a member of our co-op since its early days
on South Street, I know Ashland Roots is equally adaptable, and I am excited to find creative ways to
best serve our members and the wider community.

Paulla Williamson - Baskets by Paulla